Registration for the graduation ceremony on July 5, 2024 is no longer possible as the event is fully booked. The next graduation ceremony will take place in the winter semester.

In order to participate in the ceremony, all examinations and the final thesis must be graded as passed at least 10 days before the event. This will be checked by the Examination Office. If this is not the case, there will be another graduation ceremony in winter 2024.

Tickets are free of charge for both graduates and accompanying persons and can be purchased via the tool Pretix. Each graduate can only register themselves and purchase tickets for up to four accompanying persons. The graduates are seated in the front rows according to their degree programs and in alphabetical order. Therefore, when you order your tickets, you will also be asked which degree program you have completed.

Once you have ordered your tickets, please be patient. Approximately 10 days before the event we will check whether all examinations and the final thesis have been completed. Only if this is the case we will send you your tickets by e-mail approximately one week before the event.

Due to room capacities, only a limited number of participants will be admitted to the ceremony (180 graduates and a maximum of 520 accompanying persons). As soon as all the tickets are sold, no more tickets can be purchased.


Gowns and doctoral hats

A gown makes graduates particularly stand out. For this purpose, gowns (sash included) and doctoral hats (both Master’s and Bachelor’s) can be borrowed for a fee or purchased if desired. Each graduate must order their academic clothing here independently. To do this, enter the code fauwiso.

Important: Academic clothing will be delivered to you by mail. If you just want to rent them, take the enclosed information sheet and the enclosed return bag with you on the day of the event. This means you can easily return the academic clothing on site after the graduation ceremony. It is recommended to order the academic clothing at least two weeks before the graduation ceremony so that it can be delivered promptly.


Oath of the “Honorable Merchants”

“Trade wants people like that with them be sincerity | You can probably hear this in word and deed Also heart and mouth agree”
Inscription on the facade of the IHK building at Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg

The collective speaking of an oath of honorable conduct goes back to an initiative by former Harvard graduates. Today, this oath is taken by students at more than 300 institutions worldwide. Since December 2015, the FAU WiSo has also been offering its graduates the opportunity to take this oath together after the certificates are awarded. In addition, they can confirm the oath by signing a golden book.


Final documents

No original graduation documents will be issued at the event. The Examination Office will send these to you after successful completion.



A photographer will take photos during the event, which can then be downloaded free of charge from this website. By taking part in the event, participants declare their consent to the creation of images of themselves as part of the event and to the publication of the images by FAU/WiSo (social media, press, printed products). FAU WiSo cannot guarantee that you will not be seen in one of the images used by FAU WiSo.



FAU WiSo is pleased that the alumni association of the School of Business, Economics and Society, afwn (, is supporting the graduation celebration again. We would be very happy if the graduates would maintain contact with the department through the alumni association.


Blessing offering

On the day of the graduation ceremony, the two university communities, ESG and KHG, invite all graduates and their families to a “blessing to go”. Between 2 and 3 p.m. you can come to St. Egidien (Egidienplatz 12, near FAU WiSo) and receive a personal blessing from the student pastor Tabea Baader or the university pastor Bettina Hornung. An opportunity to pause briefly on this special day, be grateful for what has been achieved and move on strengthened.